Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

helio just enjoyed his 2nd halloween. i don't think he really knew what was going on, but he did have fun picking candy out. this year we went to the grocery store where they had candy stations and activities. helio had fun putting his hand in the candy bucket and just touching each piece. getting him to pick one up wasn't coming naturally. he was close with a bean bag toss game. he threw the candy in but not the bean bag.

our last minute costume was link from the legend of zelda games. we'd had it in mind for a long time but didn't get started on it until the day before. where does all the time go?

in other news helio's been walking everywhere. pretty much doesn't crawl anymore unless it's to crawl under a chair or when he's being silly rolling around on the ground. we gave him some duplo's that he's enjoying. taking them apart is easy, but putting them together not so much. he's got a fascination with trucks and other vehicles. pretty much anything with wheels is cool in his book. when we go out he enjoys waving at cars that go by.

that's about it for now! enjoy these pictures...








Thursday, October 15, 2009

getting better

this last week helio has really been working on his walking. crawling is still faster, but he seems to think walking is more fun. if he's concentrating, surface changes, obstacles, crackers in the hands, drinking from the sippy cup, and laughing aren't a concern for him anymore. it's just up and go!

this video was taken this week and represents a typical evening. not a lot of walking in this one, but it shows off a couple of his other new games.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

cds are shiny

who says you can't enjoy good music in froggy jammies.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Big News!

helio is sneaky about the camera and will usually stop doing whatever he was doing that I'm trying to capture the instant it appears. last night he decided to start walking! i caught what i could, but the couple really good walks will just need to live on in our memories.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

massive post!

ok, so i'm not keeping up here...

ignoring that check, out all these photos!

helio at his 1 year birthday picnic. (thanks dick for letting me borrow these without permission)

This might be the only photo of helio eating that first piece of cake in existence. (again thanks dick for the photo)

here's helio reading his favorite book, "trucks."

we just returned from a camping trip that was a whole lot of fun. helio got a new tent to sleep in, in our tent, and for other upcoming trips. it makes a good play fort and a good sleeping, sleep crawling, sleep wiggling, sleep rolling, sleeping baby container.

mama and helio enjoying lunch at the picnic table.

mama and helio enjoying the fire and reading while dinner cooks.

besides crawling around in the tent and trying to eat dirt, helio's second favorite activity was playing in the camp chair. here he enjoys some quiet reading time.

we had a semi restful night in the tent. helio didn't mind sleeping in his tent all that much. he did toss and turn a bit and at one point we thought he might be cold, but then realized that he thinks sleeping under dad's sleeping bag is also play time. after an hour of trying to ignore him while he laughed, poked at our heads, and crawled around he went back into his tent and promptly fell back to sleep. rather soon after that a few rain drops started falling and then the loudest craziest thunder started echoing all around us. helio didn't wake up once.

The next morning we let the tent dry out and we went up to paradise on mt rainier and discovered just how cold, wet, and windy it can be up there. we had time for a little walk though.

and the top of the mountain started to "peak" out just a little.

we also visited NW Trek, a sort of zoo. the main attraction is riding a tram around a 400 acre animal free roaming area. no predators though, they all live as one big happy family. here's a few things we saw.

helio didn't care about the animals too much, pulling the hair of the kid in front of us and making faces at the people behind us seemed to be more entertaining. there was a 2.5 hour steam train ride that we wanted to take, but the much shorter tram ride proved helio has issues sitting still. i don't know who he gets all that energy from.

and lastly, probably the biggest highlight of the trip was all the red and evergreen huckleberries that we ate. at one point helio's chin was stained purple.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

he's over one year old!

this year has gone by amazingly fast. it's hard to believe that helio is one year old now and at times it's surprising we survived. but, we did. helio had a picnic with friends, family, and fans a couple days after his birthday. on his birthday we had greek food and beers which was more of a celebration for kava and I.

our days and evenings are filled with helio crawling around and getting into anything he can. kava and I run around after him making sure he's not doing anything mischievous which seems to be a favorite activity in general. he enjoys being chased and flown down the hall, which is fun but really tiring. I don't know where helio gets his energy from. he'll keep going until he can't crawl anymore and then ends up falling all over the place since he's so exhausted. kava and I then seize the opportunity for a lazy activity like reading books.

helio's also been working on walking. any vertical surface is an opportunity to stand. there's been a few brief incidences of standing without support or holding onto anything and anything that slides (chairs, tables, trashcans) make good walking aids.

so there's the update. more to come!

lovin playing with trains

opening awesome birthday presents

still having to grab anything resembling a camera, video camera, remote, telephone, stereo, etc...

kava made this crazy cool cake

bonus chicken pick. they're close to egg laying but we don't have any yet. they also like jumping into this tree and then jumping over the lame fence we built. hence there's another task added to my list.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

california vacation

we just got back from visiting family in california. mei and kevin got married and so lots of family converged. helio also got to spend some time at the beach. here's the evidence.


it was fun hitting all the old favorites. here's helio enjoying his first burrito at tres amigos.


we also went by the tidepools where kava and helio shared some rocks,


helio worked on his next band photo,


and the blueberry decided it was time to go home. (after this we forced him to take a walk in the forest where after climbing some trees he fell asleep)


we also discovered how much fun helio has in a full size bath tub. there was lots of screaming and splashing, but here's a more serene photo.


and lastly, we arrived safe and sound back home where helio proceeded to look for hidden treasure. he found an old vacuum attachment.


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

we're in trouble now


Helio started crawling over the weekend. Here's a quick peek. In the last couple days he's been doing his best to catch the cat, play with the cat's toys, he's pulled books off shelves, tried to open a cabinet door, and tried to beat me to the stereo before I could get the door shut.

More to come.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009

we got mangatar'd

half manga all avatar:

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

not good at updates

ok, i'm not off to a very good start in my more constant updates. practice practice practice is what it takes.

helio's been the little mover lately. he's been exploring what it's like to rock up onto his knees and if he can hold himself up that way. he's getting there, but still tends to overshoot and land on his face. most of the time it doesn't bother him too much.

here he is taking a nap this last weekend.

and here he is posing for the camera after having cheerios this morning. he's wondering why we're taking pictures all of sudden.



Saturday, June 6, 2009

so tired


as you can see, it was a big day for helio. towards the end of dinner he just couldn't stay awake anymore. so, off to bed it was.

helio's day consisted of playing, napping, eaating, riding in the car, eating indian food, throwing food on the floor, napping, playing, getting two new chickens, cleaning his closet, and more eating (not to mention 4 BMs!)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

more news please

i've decided to try and write posts more and use them as a helio journal. since nothing dies on the internet it seems a good way to keep track and always have it. plus people might like to see and hear a little more about helio's day to day activities and accomplishments. so, here it is, day one:


in the last few weeks helio's really started pushing himself up. he might be a little behind when it comes to crawling, and there's a chance he'll skip the crawl, but people say all kids move at their own pace. he's getting pretty good at lifting himself up. he also likes to bend at the waste, but his face is usually still on the ground. I think he'll start getting the combo right soon, though.


right now his three favorite toys seem to be a monkey who's arms are long and just right for sticking in the mouth and chewing, a gumball machine that will deliver large plastic balls with sparkly things inside and play music at the same time (helio's learned just what the button will do), and a rubber ducky. the duck works good for some post bath chewing and hitting like a drum.

yesterday, during dinner, I was talking with kava and eating some noodles when I heard a toy hit the floor. so, I picked it up and handed it back to helio. back to eating I went and I heard it hit again. without thinking I handed it back. and then, out of the corner of my eye I saw a little arm move a toy over the edge of the high chair. when I looked helio had his brow up saying "what?" I turned, he let go. this went round a couple times and really was just this simple: I look, he holds; I turn; he drops.

I don't know where that's going...

Friday, May 29, 2009

we were sad to see them go

well, news on the chicken front is that we've moved from 4 chickens to 2. there's always a chance when buying chicks that you'll end up with roosters, but I don't think it's as great as 50%. we ended up with two. last night durga and jett when to a new home. durga was practicing her crow and it was jett was looking like she's heading the same direction.

we're looking for another brahma to have at least a trio. but, we were sad to see durga and jett go.



New Pro Photos

here's the best of helio's studio shots at 9 months. we had to wait an hour for our turn so helio was tired of being at babies r us. But, we managed to get a few good ones.




Tuesday, May 12, 2009

helio is 9 months!

today is helio's 9 month birthday! it sure has gone by fast. in a few days we have a standard 9 month check-up so we'll see how he's doing according to the pediatrician. he seems just fine to us. since we haven't posted for awhile there's lots to show off.

helio is learning lots of new things these days. he's become pretty good at sitting up. he'll still tip over once in awhile and just in case we put pillows behind him and on his sides. he seems to always lead with his head.

food has been a big thing lately too. he's really gotten into feeding himself. the big favorite seems to be cheerios, which will keep him occupied for quite a while. he also has a thing for cheese, feta, cheddar, goat cheese, mozzarella, parmesan. we try to feed him what we're eating and I guess we eat a lot of cheese.

anyway, kava's family visited recently. they hadn't seen helio since he was born so there was big difference, especially, how excitable he can get. luckily, the local tulip festival was extended so we had a chance to wade through the crowds and see the tulip fields. the picture is just one field of many. sorry to the person who gets the tulip that helio got his hands on.

that's about it for now. enjoy the photos!

kurt and helio

kava's mom and dad learn what gets helio riled up

skagit valley tulip field, one of them, outside of mt vernon, wa

helio's deciding which flower he wants

helio is still tulip size

broccoli is a new favorite

new chix
bonus picture: left to right - jet, durga, darla, and coco enjoy their new outdoor digs