Sunday, September 27, 2009

cds are shiny

who says you can't enjoy good music in froggy jammies.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Big News!

helio is sneaky about the camera and will usually stop doing whatever he was doing that I'm trying to capture the instant it appears. last night he decided to start walking! i caught what i could, but the couple really good walks will just need to live on in our memories.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

massive post!

ok, so i'm not keeping up here...

ignoring that check, out all these photos!

helio at his 1 year birthday picnic. (thanks dick for letting me borrow these without permission)

This might be the only photo of helio eating that first piece of cake in existence. (again thanks dick for the photo)

here's helio reading his favorite book, "trucks."

we just returned from a camping trip that was a whole lot of fun. helio got a new tent to sleep in, in our tent, and for other upcoming trips. it makes a good play fort and a good sleeping, sleep crawling, sleep wiggling, sleep rolling, sleeping baby container.

mama and helio enjoying lunch at the picnic table.

mama and helio enjoying the fire and reading while dinner cooks.

besides crawling around in the tent and trying to eat dirt, helio's second favorite activity was playing in the camp chair. here he enjoys some quiet reading time.

we had a semi restful night in the tent. helio didn't mind sleeping in his tent all that much. he did toss and turn a bit and at one point we thought he might be cold, but then realized that he thinks sleeping under dad's sleeping bag is also play time. after an hour of trying to ignore him while he laughed, poked at our heads, and crawled around he went back into his tent and promptly fell back to sleep. rather soon after that a few rain drops started falling and then the loudest craziest thunder started echoing all around us. helio didn't wake up once.

The next morning we let the tent dry out and we went up to paradise on mt rainier and discovered just how cold, wet, and windy it can be up there. we had time for a little walk though.

and the top of the mountain started to "peak" out just a little.

we also visited NW Trek, a sort of zoo. the main attraction is riding a tram around a 400 acre animal free roaming area. no predators though, they all live as one big happy family. here's a few things we saw.

helio didn't care about the animals too much, pulling the hair of the kid in front of us and making faces at the people behind us seemed to be more entertaining. there was a 2.5 hour steam train ride that we wanted to take, but the much shorter tram ride proved helio has issues sitting still. i don't know who he gets all that energy from.

and lastly, probably the biggest highlight of the trip was all the red and evergreen huckleberries that we ate. at one point helio's chin was stained purple.