Thursday, July 23, 2009

california vacation

we just got back from visiting family in california. mei and kevin got married and so lots of family converged. helio also got to spend some time at the beach. here's the evidence.


it was fun hitting all the old favorites. here's helio enjoying his first burrito at tres amigos.


we also went by the tidepools where kava and helio shared some rocks,


helio worked on his next band photo,


and the blueberry decided it was time to go home. (after this we forced him to take a walk in the forest where after climbing some trees he fell asleep)


we also discovered how much fun helio has in a full size bath tub. there was lots of screaming and splashing, but here's a more serene photo.


and lastly, we arrived safe and sound back home where helio proceeded to look for hidden treasure. he found an old vacuum attachment.