Sunday, February 28, 2010

couple pics

here's a couple photos:


we watched two other kids just about the same age as helio this saturday. and, all i can say is, 30 inch chaos grows exponentially when adding other 18 month olds. but, we all had fun.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

sunny in seattle

it was warm and sunny today! so, we headed out to gasworks park and watched the boats, sea planes, dogs, and other kids.



then it was off for a quick visit at the fremont troll. helio was wondering why a bunch of people were taking pictures of him. maybe because he's standing in front of everyone and blocking their view?


or maybe because they were waiting to dance?


afterwards we scarfed some IPAs, cajun tater tots, fries, and grilled cheese. Then it was nap time, and then we played in the backyard with a squirt bottle and the chickens, and then it was homemade pizza time, and then bath time, and now bed time....

bonus pictures:

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

zoo trip

we're lucky enough to have a zoo membership from christmas and now that the weather's drying out and warming up we're starting to take advantage of it. it's a nice thing to have because we can go for just a short time and not have to worry about getting our money's worth. also a good free excuse to get outside.





helio enjoyed the birds until one bit his finger and then he refused to look at them anymore. but with a little coaxing and a nice bird we got him to resume the feeding.

the following aren't zoo picks, but they're cute.


this is the first time with homemade playdough.

one day after a nap, helio refused to get out of his crib. he'd cry and fuss and run back into his room if you took him out. he just wanted to sit there and play with his tractor, which he just slept with in his arms, and his cat. we may have convinced him to get out of bed with a cookie.