Wednesday, August 26, 2009

he's over one year old!

this year has gone by amazingly fast. it's hard to believe that helio is one year old now and at times it's surprising we survived. but, we did. helio had a picnic with friends, family, and fans a couple days after his birthday. on his birthday we had greek food and beers which was more of a celebration for kava and I.

our days and evenings are filled with helio crawling around and getting into anything he can. kava and I run around after him making sure he's not doing anything mischievous which seems to be a favorite activity in general. he enjoys being chased and flown down the hall, which is fun but really tiring. I don't know where helio gets his energy from. he'll keep going until he can't crawl anymore and then ends up falling all over the place since he's so exhausted. kava and I then seize the opportunity for a lazy activity like reading books.

helio's also been working on walking. any vertical surface is an opportunity to stand. there's been a few brief incidences of standing without support or holding onto anything and anything that slides (chairs, tables, trashcans) make good walking aids.

so there's the update. more to come!

lovin playing with trains

opening awesome birthday presents

still having to grab anything resembling a camera, video camera, remote, telephone, stereo, etc...

kava made this crazy cool cake

bonus chicken pick. they're close to egg laying but we don't have any yet. they also like jumping into this tree and then jumping over the lame fence we built. hence there's another task added to my list.