Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

helio just enjoyed his 2nd halloween. i don't think he really knew what was going on, but he did have fun picking candy out. this year we went to the grocery store where they had candy stations and activities. helio had fun putting his hand in the candy bucket and just touching each piece. getting him to pick one up wasn't coming naturally. he was close with a bean bag toss game. he threw the candy in but not the bean bag.

our last minute costume was link from the legend of zelda games. we'd had it in mind for a long time but didn't get started on it until the day before. where does all the time go?

in other news helio's been walking everywhere. pretty much doesn't crawl anymore unless it's to crawl under a chair or when he's being silly rolling around on the ground. we gave him some duplo's that he's enjoying. taking them apart is easy, but putting them together not so much. he's got a fascination with trucks and other vehicles. pretty much anything with wheels is cool in his book. when we go out he enjoys waving at cars that go by.

that's about it for now! enjoy these pictures...