Saturday, July 26, 2008

Newly Completed Project

i just finished up a project for the Wing Luke Asian Museum in seattle. the project was design of exterior signage for a new building they just recently moved into. there were many different elements of the signage plan, but because of budget only the most important were installed.


this picture it shows the 3 major elements, a corner sign, main entrance sign, and an orange graphic that wraps the building to tie all the window fronts under one unifying graphic representative of the museum.


this is a view of the corner sign which also lights up. i'll post some night shots later.


this is the main entrance sign. the design had to change, putting the sign inside since there were some permitting issues, and mounting issues if it was exterior. one drawback is the window reflections.


and lastly, here's a bonus picture of mitten eating kava's leftover dinner.

Monday, July 7, 2008

July 4th and 2 year anniversary trip

kava and i took a trip to the north cascades national park over the fourth of july. it was a vacation and two year anniversary celebration trip. this is diablo dam a source for seattle power.

Diablo Dam

buddy pic

trail mix

kava loves her trail mix.

we took a short walk along the happy creek trail and found this secret door that led to a secret trail.

secret trail

secret trail

we saw this lilly


and another view of diablo lake

diablo lake

the next day we visited sakuma bros. farm to pick strawberries, which we are still eating as strawberry shortcake every night.

strawberry picking


next we went to padilla bay national estuarine research preserve.

Padilla Bay


this is the cow we were watching when kava's mom called.


kava's naturalist 6th sense allowed us to identify this noble fir.


noble fir cones

Friday, July 4, 2008


Here's a cute kitty movie for all kitty fans: