Tuesday, May 12, 2009

helio is 9 months!

today is helio's 9 month birthday! it sure has gone by fast. in a few days we have a standard 9 month check-up so we'll see how he's doing according to the pediatrician. he seems just fine to us. since we haven't posted for awhile there's lots to show off.

helio is learning lots of new things these days. he's become pretty good at sitting up. he'll still tip over once in awhile and just in case we put pillows behind him and on his sides. he seems to always lead with his head.

food has been a big thing lately too. he's really gotten into feeding himself. the big favorite seems to be cheerios, which will keep him occupied for quite a while. he also has a thing for cheese, feta, cheddar, goat cheese, mozzarella, parmesan. we try to feed him what we're eating and I guess we eat a lot of cheese.

anyway, kava's family visited recently. they hadn't seen helio since he was born so there was big difference, especially, how excitable he can get. luckily, the local tulip festival was extended so we had a chance to wade through the crowds and see the tulip fields. the picture is just one field of many. sorry to the person who gets the tulip that helio got his hands on.

that's about it for now. enjoy the photos!

kurt and helio

kava's mom and dad learn what gets helio riled up

skagit valley tulip field, one of them, outside of mt vernon, wa

helio's deciding which flower he wants

helio is still tulip size

broccoli is a new favorite

new chix
bonus picture: left to right - jet, durga, darla, and coco enjoy their new outdoor digs

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