Thursday, June 4, 2009

more news please

i've decided to try and write posts more and use them as a helio journal. since nothing dies on the internet it seems a good way to keep track and always have it. plus people might like to see and hear a little more about helio's day to day activities and accomplishments. so, here it is, day one:


in the last few weeks helio's really started pushing himself up. he might be a little behind when it comes to crawling, and there's a chance he'll skip the crawl, but people say all kids move at their own pace. he's getting pretty good at lifting himself up. he also likes to bend at the waste, but his face is usually still on the ground. I think he'll start getting the combo right soon, though.


right now his three favorite toys seem to be a monkey who's arms are long and just right for sticking in the mouth and chewing, a gumball machine that will deliver large plastic balls with sparkly things inside and play music at the same time (helio's learned just what the button will do), and a rubber ducky. the duck works good for some post bath chewing and hitting like a drum.

yesterday, during dinner, I was talking with kava and eating some noodles when I heard a toy hit the floor. so, I picked it up and handed it back to helio. back to eating I went and I heard it hit again. without thinking I handed it back. and then, out of the corner of my eye I saw a little arm move a toy over the edge of the high chair. when I looked helio had his brow up saying "what?" I turned, he let go. this went round a couple times and really was just this simple: I look, he holds; I turn; he drops.

I don't know where that's going...


Vicky said...

He's never going to do anything for you until you get him an Xbox.

wing said...

good idea, we need an xbox! (kava says "no we don't")(wing says "good for hand eye coordination")(kava says "good for couch butt coordination")(wing says "yes dear")