Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's August

wow, time flies. helio turns 2 in just a couple weeks. we can't believe it. he's pretty much oblivious, except that he knows he'll be having cake. birthday cake is not just birthday cake it's "cake birthday", even the morning cereal is stirred into birthday cake, and his memory really shines when it comes to the party that had...cake. needless to say there will be cake.

we've been spending lots of time outside in the sun. helio asks to eat almost every meal outside on the deck. we're planning on trying to get a sandbox in for the last remaining days of dryness. we'll see how that actually goes.

here's a few photos from the last couple weeks.

this is helio enjoying a birthday cupcake. he managed to get most of it down until it crumbled into a thousand little pieces and fell into the sand. we had to assure him several times that you couldn't wash it off.

waving the ol'pirate flag. next time you see helio ask him to say "aye aye matey"

today helio was lucky to get an early birthday present. all I can say is why costco? why did you make the box so big and the price so low? although, it didn't help that it was spotted from across the isle. we're learning how quickly a toddler can fall in love with something.

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