Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July

for the fourth of july, we all went on a quick camping trip. it was the first one since last september and helio's second time.


this is the start of our adventure. we got a new "rocket box" for the car since last time there really wasn't enough room for all our stuff. this time things fit much more comfortably and things like tents and sleeping bags could be stored without getting in the way all the time.


first stop was Snoqualmie Falls. this may have been helio's favorite stop. he's still talking about the waterfall.


besides going to school, helio also got to take his new backpack out for the first time. he didn't want to wear it until we told him he could be like a turtle.


second stop was to see the trains. helio had another excited moment when we got to see "thomas the train" parked a little down the line. we were searching for food and didn't have the camera handy though.


after we got to the campground we went out for a quick hike. helio managed to walk almost the whole time and enjoyed saying he was a hiker.



banana slugs and eating berries were the highlights.


the campground had lots of old moss covered trees and sported a sand bed to pitch your tent. plus plenty more berries and rocks to load into your trucks. the only bad thing was...we forgot our camp chairs and then it rained.


but, our neighbor left and then the other neighbor got rained out so the campsite ended up being fairly secluded.


the morning was still wet and cold, but we all survived the night.


it was then off to hike number 2.

it was all fun and games until we were swarmed by mosquitoes and I got bit, swore, and helio repeated it.




all in all it was a super fun trip. we're all exhausted even though it was only one overnight. here's a couple bonus pictures of helio on the slide that I was going to post but never did.



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Vicky said...

My camping photos will be nowhere near this cute.