Thursday, June 24, 2010

It was a sad sad day

There are many cute and funny Helio stories. I will try to post some here for you.

The other day I was reading Helio the Binky book, about a baby's search for his lost treasure. The baby looks everywhere and can't find it. He then asks everyone he knows and nobody has it. When the baby finally starts crying, Helio couldn't hold back his tears either! He cried inconsolably for a minute or two. It was very sad, but I'm glad he's learning empathy.

Meanwhile, Helio's own binky is slowly disappearing. Papa has been slicing off portions of it since last weekend. We told Helio that's what happens to binkys when kids grow up. He puts his finger in it at bedtime and says "hole, hole" or "a hole" [sic]!

Helio has a lift-the-flap Farm book that he enjoys looking at. Especially the three little chicks on the cover that make him crack up. He also says "hi" to the farmer on most days.

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