Wednesday, May 5, 2010

still here

it's been awhile since our last photo update! life is just flying by up/over here. helio will be 21 months in just about a week. he's been growing up fast and right now talking seems to be his big thing. that and getting into trouble.

he's got enough words now that it's hard to keep track of them all. for a long time we could run through them on one hand, but now all i can track are the favorites. some of those would be: backhoe, strawberry, cheese, "abacoe" (avocado), truck, tractor, cat, up, all done, juice, poo poo, and the list goes on. he's been getting good a repeating words back to you.

other new tasks include knowing and announcing when his diaper is dirty, trying to take off and put on his own shoes, helping in the garden by pulling dandelions (he says they're "ebol") and collecting mulch, and giving people a huggy.

here's a random collection of photos:
here's helio enjoying a sunny spring day at the University of Washington under the cherry blossom trees.

here he is getting to know a dog statue at the park.

another new favorite activity is playing with chalk on the driveway.

here's helio on easter morning. the biggest hit was the ginger cat cookies hidden inside the eggs.

and check out all the morels we had growing in the garden!

here's helio doing his best outdoor wear model pose on vashon island.

I always wonder what helio's doing at school. this is what he does a lot of. he plays with the trucks.

one of our favorite places to eat out are the auto-sushi places. helio knows what he wants.

and, here's helio just a couple days ago playing with a visor he got as a birthday party favor.

bonus movie:

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