Monday, March 16, 2009

New Chicks!

last week we got new chicks. musubi is still doing good at her new home. she's decided to stay there permanently. she's made new friends and moving back here may be too traumatic for her.

the new chicks are: durga who is the bigger white one, darla who is the larger grey one, jet who is the smaller back and white one, and coco who is the one that likes to chill by herself and looks a little like a chipmunk with eyeliner.

right now they live in a box in the garage. a heat lamp makes everything look all red. they're growing fast almost enough to see a change everyday.


Wren said...

do they like bananas?

Vicky said...


although i'm gonna miss posts about musubi.

kavalava said...

i bet they will love bananas... but i'm not sure when they're ready for that.