Saturday, January 10, 2009

post holiday wrap up

this blogging thing is hard. It's been a very long time since we posted any new material. Sorry about the slacker-dom. with the holidays and what not tossed in time got away from us.

we spent a nice few days down in half moon bay for the holidays. helio got to meet a bunch new relatives that he'd never met before, he experienced a plane trip for the first time, as well as the holiday travel hassles. we had the opportunity to have date night while helio had the opportunity to spend quality time with grandma and grandpa and aunt mei and uncle kevin. we were all pretty tired from the fun when we returned. but, thankfully, there wasn't any snow.

This is helio's first present that he opened. we let him open a few before christmas day. he was excited about is cool new design pop-up book!

he was also excited by his first stocking at nai nai's and grandpa's.

just chillin.

enjoying the spa.

all good things must come to an what should we do?

bonus picture!: helio playing "haha, my hand is missing" (thanks dad for capturing helio being a goof-ball)

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