Wednesday, September 10, 2008

4 weeks, 1 day

yesterday was helio's four week birthday. he seems so much bigger than he did a month ago. a lot has happened since then. It seems just like yesterday though. here's a list of some of our post one month observations and realizations:
  • when sleep deprived you can't remember your observations...
  • oh, right...
  • your own baby IS the cutest baby, ever
  • during the first week home, whenever you close your eyes you hear crying, especially when the baby is sleeping
  • not only is there projectile spit-up, there's projectile poop
  • family members only take pictures of themselves with the baby
  • your baby is part pterodactyl
  • after one month the daily poop report gets less fun
  • you forget your spouse's name and just call her mommy or him daddy
  • babies make lots of weird noises when they sleep
  • hospital food is really bad
  • you quickly trade your anti-pacifier ideals in favor of a quiet and happy baby
  • the sound of a binky popping out gets you up seconds before the baby cries
  • eating is no longer leisurely
  • worrying becomes second nature
  • the baby straight-jacket is the baby's most worn article of clothing
  • nothing really prepares you for being a new parent
  • its hard to imagine life without your baby


hashiru said...

Very insightful. I especially liked the ones about family members taking pictures, pacifier ideals, binky popping and nothing prepares you.

Been there, done that :-)

Grandpa Vile

vintagewinter said...

Congratulations to you both! Helio is soooo cute. Hope to see you sometime this next century. *smiles* I wish you all the very best in your new journey as parents... it's definitely the most difficult, but most rewarding!!

Much love,
Jenny (Vile) Miller